Name of service Price in UAH
(s NDS)
Laser hair removal using a Gentle Lase laser (Candela, USA)
Forehead 250
Eyebrow 250
Nose 250
Upper lip 300
Chin 360
Whiskers 400
Cheeks 400
Ears 300
Whole face completely 1000
Front neck (women) 400
Front neck (men) 500
Back of the neck 450
Axillary areas (both) 500
Breast halos 400
Neckline 400
Chest area (men) 2000
Sacral region 500
Sacral region (men) 1000
Back area (shoulders) 1300
Back area (whole) 2000
White line of the abdomen 400
Belly (women) 1000
Belly (men) 1200
Epigastrium 700
Deep bikini 1500
Deep bikini (men) 2000
Bikini 1250
Bikini (men) 2000
Buttocks completely 1200
Whole buttocks (men) 1500
Buttocks partially 500
Hips two 1600
Partial thigh 750
Shins 1250
Full legs (women) 2200
Full legs (men) 3500
Shoulders (elbow up, women) 1000
Shoulders (elbow up, men) 1750
Forearm (area from the elbow down) 1000
Two hands 1500
Small of the back 1200
Loins (men) 2000
One impulse 50
Name of service Price in UAH
(s NDS)
LPG massage (anti-cellulite)
LPG body massage 600
LPG face massage 500
Name of service Time in min. Price in UAH (s NDS)
CatioVital (Double ionization) 70 1200
CatioLift (Skin rejuvenation + muscle stimulation) 50 1200
BeauteAromatique (Massage with essential oils and mask with 5 herbal extracts) 60 650
PeelandLift (Peeling based on mild fruit acids and a mask with vitamin C) 45 1000
EyeRepaire (Program for the skin around the eyes) 40 1000
AgeRepaire “Youth Revival” (ultra effective anti-aging program) 50 1100
Name of service Price in UAH (s NDS)
Eyelid skin lift (with cheekbone) 400
Facial skin lifting (with chin area) 600
Lower face skin lifting 420
Lifting (neck area) 400
Lifting (neck + face) 780
Lifting (neckline) 500
Lifting (neck + décolleté) 700
Lifting (face + neck + décolleté) 840
Forehead lift 250
Lifting (nasolabial fold) 250
Lifting (chin area) 350
Venus toning (increasing skin tone)
Stomach 660
Hips 660
Shoulders – “bat wings” 540
Brushes 420
Name of serviceTime in min.Price in UAH
(VAT included)
Botulinum toxin
Glabellar zone30from 3600
Horizontal forehead wrinkles30from 2200
Glabellar area + Horizontal forehead wrinkles30from 5000
Crow’s feet30from 3000
Wrinkles around the lips (purse string)30from 1500
Wrinkles in the corner of the mouth (sadness)30from 600
Injections of other preparations of botulinum toxin 1ED3050
Wrinkles of the corners of the mouth (Dysport) from 600
Xeomin injection 1ED30160
Treatment of hyperhidrosis (increased sweating) from 300 IU908000
Nefertiti lifting (correction of plytism bands)906000
Plasma therapy Endoret PRGF
2 test tubes90150 €
4 test tubes90250 €
Contour plastic
Neuramis Deep 1 ml604000
Neuramis Classic 1 ml603900
Neuramis Light 1 ml603900
Neuramis Volume Lido 1 ml604500
Lip contouring with JUVEDERM preparationsDrug action 
Juvederm Retouch 0,6 ml15-18 м180 €
Juvederm Volift Retouch 1 ml15-18 м280 €
Juvederm Volbella 1 ml10-12 м260 €
Juvederm Ultra Smile 0,5 ml 4500
Juvederm 3 1 ml 6500
Chin contouring, cheekbones
Juvederm Voluma 1 ml 280 €
“Jolie’s Corners” 280-300 €
Microneedling (Mesostamp, Dermostamp) 200
The cost of a needle for a meso stamp 50
Mesoscooter GENOSYS 650
Lipolytic mesotherapy PBSerum602500
Lipolytic mesotherapy PBSerum MEDICAL (Low / Medium / High)60300 €
Scalp mesotherapy
Meso-Genesis BP3 2,5 ml301200
Meso-Genesis BP3 (брови) 1,2 ml30450
Bioreparation, biorevitalization
Biorevitalization, biore-modeling Juvederm Volite60250 €
Biorevitalization Juvederm Hydrate603500
HyLite biorevitalization (Juvederm Volite + Juvederm Hydrate)9010 000
Biorevitalization Profhilo606500
Filorga NCTF polyrevitalization60100 €
Biorevitalization Filorga NCTF 135 HA 1 ml6080 $
Biorevitalization Belotero Revive606000
TWAK6080 $
REJURAN I (глаза)603200
Biorevitalization Rejuran Skin Booster with a mesoscooter603500
Biorevitalization Rejuran Tone-Up Booster with a mesoscooter603500
Biorevitalization of the hands
Juvederm Hydrate (cannula method) 3500
Juvederm Hydrate (needle method) 4000
Filorga MHA (cannula method) 180 €
Homeopathic treatment for cellulite, body fat
Drenia, Celulia, Tonia 6ml30900
Liposin, Lipofase, Liposintrole 6ml30900
Celulia, Sbelia, Drenia 6ml30900
Homeopathic treatment of rosacea, rosacea
Liposintrol, Celulia, Regenia, Drenia, Eguilia 10ml301100
Homeopathic acne treatment
Regenia, Drenia, Eguilia 6ml301000
Radiesse (1 syringe)90-120300 €
Name of service Price in UAH (VAT included)
SMAS lifting Ulthera
Eyes 420$
Cheeks 1350-1400$
Submandibular region 700-800$
Full face 1800-2000$
Name of serviceTime in minutesPrice in UAH
(VAT included)
Fractional RF-lifting INFINI (face)9010500
INFINI Fractional RF-lifting (neck)908000
Fractional RF-lifting INFINI (oval + chin)907000
INFINI Fractional RF-lifting (cheeks)905200
Fractional RF-lifting INFINI (around the eyes)905200
INFINI Fractional RF-lifting (oval + neck)10011000
INFINI Fractional RF-lifting (cleavage or abdomen)12012500
INFINI Fractional RF-lifting (face + neck)12014000
INFINI Fractional RF lifting (knees or elbows)906000
INFINI Fractional RF-lifting (umbilical region)905500
INFINI Fractional RF-lifting (front or back or inner thighs, or buttocks)12012500
Name of service Price in UAH (s NDS)
Laser treatment for nail fungus
Laser therapy (both feet or hands) 1200
Laser therapy (one foot or hand) 660
Laser therapy (one finger) 420
Name of serviceTime
in min.
Price in UAH
(VAT included)
Cosmetologist consultation30400
Consultation with a dermatologist with the appointment of treatment, pharmacy cosmetics30600
Holy Land atraumatic facial cleansing
(makeup remover, peeling, cleaning, antiseptic mask)
ABR deep facial cleansing901500
Back cleaning with Holy Land cosmetics901500
VIP care CASMARA901100
CASMARA luxury care (golden mask)901600
Innovative cleansing from CASMARA (cleaning + Purifying care)901400
CASMARA Age Defense901800
CASMARA Ocean Miracle901600
CASMARA Eye Perfection601300
Casmara INFINITY ultra-youthful treatment601500
Facial chiromassage60800
Spanish facial massage701500
Japanese facial massage701500
Myolifting face massage701500
Lancing of the pustular element 100
Enzyme therapy Danne751300
Facial cleansing with HydroPeptide cosmetics901400
Express care for skin type using HydroPeptide cosmetics301400
Cosmeceutical care IS CLINICAL “Fire and Ice”
“Red carpet”
Foamy Enzyme Treatment IS CLINICAL601700
Name of service Time in min. Price in UAH (VAT included)
Trio Oxygenation PCA procedure (face) 30 1500
PCA detox pore cleansing (face) 60 800
PCA Enzymatic Treatment (face) 30 1200
PCA Peel Hydroquinone Free 30 1200
PCA Peel with Hydroquinone 30 1200
TCA Peels PCA Sensi Peel 30 1200
4% Pure Retinol Peel PCA 60 1500
PCA Peel with Hydroguinon & Resorcinol 60 1200
PCA Skin Perfecting Peel (almond peel) 60 900
PCA Ultra Peel Forte 60 1500
PCA Clarity therapy mask 60 850
Name of service Price in UAH
(s NDS)
Face (blood vessels, pigmentation, rejuvenation) 3900
Butterfly vascular therapy (nose + cheekbones) 2600
Neck (blood vessels, pigmentation, rejuvenation) 2600
Decollete or shoulders (blood vessels, pigmentation, rejuvenation) 4400
Neck + decollete (blood vessels, pigmentation, rejuvenation) 5200
Neck + shoulders (vessels, pigmentation, rejuvenation) 5200
Upper, third of the back (pigmentation, rejuvenation) 4500
All back (pigmentation, rejuvenation) 6500
Hands (pigmentation, rejuvenation) 2600
Руки до локтя (пигментация, омоложение) 4100
Hands above the elbow (pigmentation, rejuvenation) 4100
Hands completely (pigmentation, rejuvenation) 5300
Legs completely (pigmentation, rejuvenation) 8300
1 impulse, up to 1 sq. cm (blood vessels, pigmentation, rejuvenation) 700
Forever Young rejuvenation 5600
Name of service Price in UAH. (s NDS)
Lipolysis (thighs + buttocks) 1220
Lipolysis (thighs) 700
Lipolysis (shins) 540
Lipolysis (belly) 700
Lipolysis (belly + waist) 1000
Lipolysis (areas above the knees) 360
Lipolysis (shoulders – “bat wings”) 550
Lipolysis (waist) 420
Lipolysis (waist) 660
Cellulite VenusLipo
Thighs + buttocks 1020
Hips 700
Ягодицы 700
Shins 540
Name of service Price in UAH
(s NDS)
Icoone (body) 1800
Icoone (face) 1200
Icoone (focus) 300
Name of service Time in minutes Price in UAH (VAT included)
Whiskey swaddling STYX local 80 1200
Whiskey swaddling STYX total 80 1500
STYX Cello Gel local wrap 60 750