Biorevitalization is a procedure for injecting hyaluronic acid into the deep layers of the dermis in order to restore the skin’s hydroreserve.
After the introduction of the preparation of hyaluronic acid into the dermal layer of the skin, its flabbiness and dryness are reduced, the color and tone are restored.
In the first days, folds and wrinkles are smoothed, and after 10-14 days, the cells themselves begin to produce hyaluronic acid, and the skin is gradually renewed from the inside.

from 2900 UAH

More details

60-90 minutes

Duration of the procedure

3-5 procedures



The younger your skin, the longer it will retain the drug.
On average, the effect of biorevitalization of the facial skin lasts 4-6 months, but sometimes it reaches up to a year.
The exact number of procedures in the course is prescribed by the beautician after consultation.


In the first days, folds and wrinkles are smoothed, and after 10-14 days, the cells themselves begin to produce hyaluronic acid, and the skin is gradually renewed from the inside.
Small wrinkles go away;
The skin is moisturized, smoothed;
Moisturizing and nourishing;
Removal of gravitational ptosis;
Elimination of hyperpigmentation;
Elimination of sagging.


After the biorevitalization / bioreparation procedure, several rules should be followed:
Any cosmetic products can be applied only 6 hours after the procedure.
It is necessary to exclude visits to the sauna or bath for a week.
It is not recommended to sunbathe in the sun and visit the solarium for the first 2 weeks after the procedure.


We use 100% original preparations for biorevitalization
Our cosmetologists have specialized medical education and perform the procedure safely and as efficiently as possible.


We are waiting for you every day from 8:00 to 20:00 at the Stylus Studio laser cosmetology centers. Call the phone numbers indicated in the contacts or leave your number in a special form on the site.

Who is this procedure for?

- Women from 25 years old
- Men from 25 years old

Duration of the procedure:

from 30 to 90 minutes


Prevention of skin aging;
Age-related changes in the skin (wrinkles, loss of tone and elasticity, gravitational ptosis);
premature aging of the skin due to exposure to smoking, stress, sun;
Preparation for plastic surgery;
Rehabilitation of the skin in the postoperative period;
Dehydration of the skin.


Pregnancy and lactation period;
Acute inflammatory processes in the injection area;
Allergic reactions;
Acute infections;
Taking immunosuppressive drugs;
Systemic intake of anticoagulants and blood clotting disorders;
Autoimmune diseases;
Severe physical and mental illnesses.


Naimenovaniye Time Price
Biorestructuring Mezovarton
(Meso-Wharton) 1,5 ml
90 min
5 000 UAH
Biorestructuring Mesoxanthin
(Meso-Xanthin) 1,5 ml
90 min
5 000 UAH
Biorestructuring Mesoai
(MesoEye) 1,0 ml
90 min
5 000 UAH
Мезоскульпт (MesoSculpt)
lipomodeling 1.0 ml (20 U)
60 min
5 000 UAH
Biorepair Aquashine Classic 2 ml
90 min
4 500 UAH
Biorepair Aquashine BR
(brightening) 2ml
90 min
4 600 UAH
Biorepair Aquashine BTX 2ml
90 min
5 200 UAH
Biodiversity IDUNE 0.8% 1ml
60 min
2 900 UAH
Biodiversity IDUNE 1.6% 1ml
60 min
3 100 UAH
Biodegradation IDUNE 2% 1ml
60 min
4 000 UAH

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Facial biorevitalization -«Stylus Studio»

Facial biorevitalization in Kiev, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Kharkov is one of the most effective procedures aimed at rejuvenating, healing and improving the quality of the skin. The essence of the technique is to inject drugs based on low concentration hyaluronic acid into the patient’s skin. This service is very popular among both women and men over 25 years old.

In our centers, biorevitalization of the face in the Dnieper, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Kiev is one of the most demanded procedures among clients. Hyaluronic acid injections not only perfectly nourish the skin, but also trigger the natural processes of its regeneration. After the first session, the skin becomes radiant, fine wrinkles are gradually smoothed out, and as a result of the course of procedures, the skin turgor is significantly improved, the face oval is tightened.

Facial biorevitalization in Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Kiev, Dnipro – choose «Stylus Studio»

When carrying out cosmetic procedures, we use only high-quality products from trusted manufacturers. Our specialists have medical education and many years of practical experience. They will select a product for you that is ideal for your skin.

The procedure for the introduction of hyaluronic acid for the face lasts 30-60 minutes. Depending on your skin condition, you may need to take a course of 3-5 sessions. The unique composition of the preparations triggers the body’s natural production of its own hyaluronic acid and collagen, which ensures the preservation of the result of injections for many years.

The advantages of facial biorevitalization in Kharkov, Kiev, Dnipro, Zaporozhye in the centers of “Stylus Studio”:

  • A team of experienced specialists – cosmetologists with medical education.
  • Quality drugs of European and American production.
  • An individual approach to each client to achieve a 100% result.

You can see the current prices for services in the price list on the website. To sign up for a course of injections with hyaluronic acid in Kiev, fill out the online form or call Stylus Studio today!


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