In Stylus Studio you can get in shape and get rid of cellulite and localized fat deposits. Lipolytic injections are one of the proven effective ways to achieve the perfect silhouette.

from 1500 UAH

More details

30-60 minutes

Duration of the procedure

3-6 procedures



Lipolytics are preparations based on lecithin (natural soy enzyme),
which takes an active part in the breakdown of fat cells.
The drug is capable of:
Convert excess fat into energy;
Restore lipid metabolism;
Regulate metabolism;
Normalize blood circulation.


In the first hours after the procedure, it is advisable to cool the injection site continuously to avoid hyperemia and burning sensation. It is necessary to drink non-carbonated water, if possible, lie down.


We use only proven and most effective drugs
Our cosmetologists have specialized medical education and perform the procedure safely and as efficiently as possible.


We are waiting for you every day from 8:00 to 20:00 at the Stylus Studio laser cosmetology centers. Call the phone numbers indicated in the contacts or leave your number in a special form on the site.

Who is this procedure for?

- Women from 18 to 65 years old
- Men from 18 to 65 years old

Duration of the procedure:

30 minutes


local fat deposits, which are impossible or difficult to remove by other methods, except surgical;
lipomas, wen;
any form of cellulite, up to grade IV (in combination with other procedures);
slight excess weight;
aesthetic imperfections after uneven liposuction;
as a concomitant procedure for face and neck lifts, etc.


blood clotting disorders;
allergy to the components of the drug;
malignant tumors (even in the past);
mental disorders;
pregnancy and lactation;
inflammatory processes in the proposed injection site;
chronic diseases;
infectious and viral diseases;


Naimenovaniye Time Price
Drenia, Celulia, Tonia 6ml
30 min
900 UAH
Liposin, Lipofase, Liposintrole 6ml
30 min
900 UAH
Celulia, Sbelia, Drenia 6ml
30 min
900 UAH
Liposintrol, Celulia, Regenia,
Drenia, Eguilia 10ml
30 min
1 100 UAH
Regenia, Drenia, Eguilia 6ml
30 min
1 000 UAH

You can get more information on the full list of prices for all our services (rejuvenation, facial cosmetology, laser hair removal, etc.) in our price list

Price list


Lipolytics – cellulite treatment in «Stylus Studio»

Cellulite treatment in Kiev, Zaporozhye, Kharkov and other cities – a service that is very popular, especially from the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Every woman wants to have a perfect figure. However, with the modern pace of life, it is not always possible to visit a fitness center or take regular runs in the park, and constant stress, a sedentary lifestyle and heavy food become the reasons for the rapid formation of body fat.

Until recently, one of the most effective methods of dealing with excess weight and “orange peel” was laser cellulite reduction. Today, injection cosmetology, in particular, lipolytics, is more than worthy of competition. They allow you to quickly get rid of unwanted fatty deposits by injecting special preparations under the skin. The procedure is designed to combat cellulite of varying degrees and is most often used in the area of ​​the buttocks, thighs, and waist.

Face lipolytics: features and benefits

The complex of lipolytic agents is selected individually by a cosmetologist, taking into account the characteristics of your skin and the body’s reaction to various components of the preparations. The duration of one session is 30-60 minutes. To achieve a visible and prolonged result, it is recommended to take a course of 3-6 procedures.

In our work, we use only high quality lipolytics of European and American production. All procedures are performed by cosmetologists with specialized education and many years of practical experience. Face lipolysis in Kiev, Zaporozhye at Stylus Studio is, first of all:

  • Quality drugs
    – certified lipolytics from natural ingredients.
  • Individual approach – selection of drugs, taking into account the characteristics of your body.
  • Operational result – perfect figure and thin face after undergoing treatment.

How much do face lipolytics cost in Kharkov, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Kiev?

The price of the procedure depends on the area of ​​influence and the amount of drugs used. You can see the current price list on our website. The exact cost of the service will be communicated to you by the cosmetologist at the consultation after the initial examination. To make an appointment, call us on one of the indicated phones or fill out the provided online form. Remove cellulite in Kiev quickly, inexpensively and with a guaranteed result will help “Stylus Studio”!


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